5/26/2018 Race results / race recap

Neal honors Soldiers and Sailors Night with Maquoketa win

Nezworski, Mills, Larsen, Wauters, Bonney, Marshall also take checkers



MAQUOKETA, IA (May 26) – One can imagine the eyes of every B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMod driver at Maquoketa Speedway nowadays.

In the lineup chute, they scan every competitor wondering if one will continue the streak.

Gage Neal made sure of that Saturday evening.

The Ely, Iowa. ace is no stranger to victory lane, but made it to Maquoketa’s for the first time in 2018. He became the fifth different winner in five races on the 3/8-mile dirt oval.

“This competition is fast and tough to beat,” Neal said. “The first half of the class is almost guaranteed to get a feature win this year. Every week these guys get tougher and tougher.”

Timmy Current took off from the pole and looked as if he would run away with the top prize. He spun while leading and drove pitside.

A gaggle of six other cars then battled back and forth the rest of the way.

Neal won his heat. With a starting spot near the front of the 15-lap feature field, he wheeled the B&D Pit Stop/Hawkeye Auto/Valentine Family/Precision Performance/Mike Vasey Insulation/Case Construction/Neal Motors REV chassis on both the high and bottom shelves of the track, but knew where he wanted to be.

“I knew I had to get off the top early because I was going to get in all those crumbs up there. Once I got the lane I moved down and (Jake) Ellithorpe put up a heck of a fight.”

Tyler Soppe was strong toward the end and also moved by Ellithorpe for second. Duane Roth and Jarrett Franzen rounded out the top five.

Meanwhile, another streak came to an end.

Jeff Larsen shot from the pole and dominated the QCJeeps.com IMCA Modified 20-lap main. He snapped the four-race win streak of Bryce Garnhart, who took third behind Jordy Hicks. Tyler Madigan and Kory Meyer followed in the very competitive affair.

Andy Nezworski is one of the hottest drivers in the Midwest. The Buffalo, Iowa star drove from midpack, ran down early leader Jeff Tharp and took his second straight Maquoketa Andover Meat IMCA Late Model 25-lap feature.

The checkered flag was the fourth in his last five races.

Jeremiah Hurst, Tharp, Terry Neal and Matt Ryan came next.

Daniel Wauters won his second IMCA Hobby Stock 12-lap feature, beating Dakota Simonsen, Kile Vohringer, Shane Oberbreckling and Randy Byerly.

Track champion Joe Bonney made his way back to the Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Car victory lane. Timmy Current, Donnie Louck, Wisconsin visitor Tim Scheider and Mike McGarry followed in the 15 lapper.

Mike Mills charged from third to the lead in the last three laps to win the Tri State 9:1 Limited Late Model 12-lap feature. Steve Schueller, Jeff Schmidt, Mike Kline and Jeff Parks completed the field.

The battle of the number 3’s went the way of Brett Marshall again in the Obie’s Restaurant/B&C Liquor 4 Cylinders. His 3M beat the 3E of Dillon Embree while Joe LaFrenz, Justin Hempstead and D.J. Fuller followed.


A total of 86 race teams filled the pits and the final checkered flag fell just after 10 p.m.

Action continues this Saturday June 2 with point battles in all regular classes - Andover Meat IMCA Late Models, QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds, B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods, Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Hobby Stocks and Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&D Liquors 4 Cylinders. The Nostalgia Stock Car Group also visits.

Gates open at 4:30 p.m. Hot laps are 6:15 with racing to follow.

For more information, log on to maqspeedway.com, the track Facebook page or call 563-940-7841.


Following are results from stock car racing Saturday evening May 26 at Maquoketa Speedway.

Andover Meat IMCA Late Models

 Feature (25 laps) – 1. 7 Andy Nezworski 2. 58 Jeremiah Hurst 3. 10T Jeff Tharp 4. 28C Terry Neal 5. 07 Matt Ryan 6. 19 Kelly Pestka 7. 14. B.J. Jackswon 8. 12 Don Pataska 9. R19 Joe Ross 10. 10 Keith Feller 11. 35 Ryan Claeys 12. 33 Nick Marolf 13. 51JR Johnny Walker 14. 007 Lake Knutti

1st Heat (10 laps) – 1. Tharp 2. Marolf 3. Pestka 4. Neal

2nd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Jackson 2. Pataka 3. Hurst 4. Nezworski

Tri State 9:1 Limited Late Models

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 5M Mike Mills 2. 17S Steve Schueller 3. 19 Jeff Schmidt 4. 61 Mike Kline 5. 78 Jeff Parks

QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds

Feature (20 laps) – 1. B1 Jeff Larsen 2. 22 Jordy Hicks 3. 3G Bryce Garnhart 4. 21M Tyler Madigan 5. 31A Kory Meyer 6. 56 Travis Denning 7. 77S Stephan Kammerer 8. 11 Ray Cox, Jr. 9. 70 Mitch Morris 10. 88 Jaden Fryer 11. 11BC Ben Carpenter 12. 7M Matt Short 13. 555 Brad Moring 14. 19B Austin Blume 15. 53 Matt Stein 16. 89 Tom Pestka 17. 8S Josh Starr 18. 1H Mike Hirst 19. 14D Dustin Morden 20. 12 Jeff Shadden 21. 70X Joe Bonney

1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Larsen 2. Cox 3. Blume 4. M. Morris

2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Meyer 2. Garnhart 3. Hicks 4. Madigan

3rd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Denning 2. Fryer 3. Stein 4. Short

B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 12N Gage Neal 2. 3T Tyler Soppe 3. 72 Jake Ellithorpe 4. 88X Duane Roth 5. 33 Jarrett Franzen 6. R2 Ryan Reed 7. 75 Bob Silaggi 8. W30 Tim Wade 9. 80 Richard Nelson 10. 86 Jake Morris 11. 16T Timmy Current 12. 10A Jacob Arp 13. 17 Andrew Chelf 14. 32 Terry Fortmann 15. 27X Barrett Crock 16. 71J Justin Schroeder (Did Not Start – 4M Jerry Miles).

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Franzen 2. Silaggi 3. Ellithorpe 4. Roth

2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Neal 2. Current 3. Arp 4. Soppe

Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars

Feature (15 laps) – 1. 70 Joe Bonney 2. 2T Timmy Current 3. 31 Donnie Louck 4. 77 Tim Schneider 5. 14 Mike McGarry 6. 27Z Chase Zaruba 7. 27 Kyle Sturtz 8. 83 Jimmy Comins

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Bonney 2. Current 3. McGarry 4. Zaruba

IMCA Hobby Stocks

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 09 Daniel Wauters 2. 60 Dakota Simonsen 3. 01 Kile Vohringer 4. 11S Shane Oberbreckling 5. 58B Randy Byerly 6. 28 Bobby Taggart 7. M1 Lane Vohringer 8. 3B Brandon White 9. 72X Gene Potter

1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Taggart 2. Simonsen 3. Oberbreckling 4. Wauters

Obie’s Restaurant and Bar/B&C Liquor 4 Cylinders

Feature (12 laps) – 1. 3M Brett Marshall 2. 3E Dillon Embree 3. 56 Joe LaFrenz 4. 11H Justin Hempstead 5. 53 D.J. Fuller 6. 11 Seth Scholl 7. 125 Tim Sibley 8. 92 Justin Anderson 9. 45 Rick Hempstead 10. 7X Rob Harding, Jr. 11. T78 Tyler Shady 12. 18B Brandon Buech 13. 21X Shaun McDermott 14. Ryan Zuck 15. 47 Thomas Adams (Did Not Start – 80 Richard Nelson).

1st Heat (4 laps) – 1. Embree 2. Scholl 3. McDermott 4. Fuller2nd Heat (4 laps) – 1. Marshall 2. LaFrenz 3. J Hempstead 4. Buech