6/16/2018 Race results / race recap


Wauters, Larson, Bonney streaks continue at Maquoketa’s Heister Memorial
Ryan, Soppe, Harding also take checkers


MAQUOKETA, Iowa (June 16) – The checkbooks may come out soon.
Many are seeing bounties on the horizon for a handful of drivers at Maquoketa Speedway.
Daniel Waters outran the hot weather and the competition to make it four straight checkered flags in the IMCA Hobby Stocks Saturday evening on the 3/8-mile dirt oval during the Donna Heister Memorial.
“What a night at Maquoketa Speedway,” Wauters said on Facebook. “Kids got plenty of ice cream from the Little Racers Car Club, got to ride around in the Batmobile, then we got our fourth straight feature win there. Track was once again excellent and there was some exciting racing.”
Randy Byerly, Shane Oberbreckling, Dakota Simonsen and Bobby Taggart rounded out the top five in the 12-lapper.
Jeff Larson took his third consecutive QCJeeps.com IMCA Modified 20-lap main. The Freeport, Ill. ace continued his three-state hot streak with the win and topped a stellar, 26-car field.
Track champion Mitch Morris, Kory Meyer, Bryce Garnhart and Steve Johnson came next.
Joe Bonney pulled away from Mike McGarry for his second straight Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Car win. Terry Dulin, Donnie Louck and Dustin Vis followed.
Last year’s champion Matt Ryan has made the inside groove work at all the tracks he competes. Saturday was no exception picking up his first 2018 Maquoketa Andover Meat IMCA Late Model 25-lap feature.
Nick Marolf, Kelly Pestka, Jeremiah Hurst and Don Pataska followed.
Ryan won his third feature in a row overall and fourth in five nights.
Tyler Soppe took his second win of the season in B&D Pit Stop IMCA Sport Mods, ahead of Gage Neal, Jarrett Franzen, Jake Ellithorpe and Joe Grant.
Rob Harding broke Brett Marshall’s Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&D Liquors 4 Cylinders win streak. Marshall finished second ahead of Dillon Embree, Justin Hempstead and Tim Sibley.
A total of 87 race teams jammed the pits and racing was completed by 10 p.m.
Action continues this Saturday June 23 with racing in all regular classes - Andover Meat IMCA Late Models, QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds, B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods, Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Hobby Stocks and Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&D Liquors 4 Cylinders. Also, the Junkies make their 2018 debut.
Gates open Saturday at 4:30 p.m. Hot laps are 6:15 with racing to follow.
For more information, log on to maqspeedway.com, the track Facebook page or call 563-940-7841.

Following are results from stock car racing during the Donna Heister Memorial Saturday evening at Maquoketa Speedway.
Andover Meat IMCA Late Models
Feature (25 laps) – 1. 07 Matt Ryan 2. 33 Nick Marolf 3. 19 Kelly Pestka 4. 58 Jeremiah Hurst 5. 12 Don Pataska 6. 23 Todd VonTassel 7. 7 Andy Nezworski 8. R19 Joe Ross 9. 007 Lake Knutti 10. 10 Keith Feller 11. 14 B.J. Jackson 12. 8M Marty Scheckel 13. 48Z Jon Poll 14. 10T Jeff Tharp 15. Z50 Joe Zrostlik 16. 23X Doug Nigh 17. 51JR Johnny Walker, Jr.
QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds
Feature (20 laps) – 1. B1 Jeff Larson 2. 70 Mitch Morris 3. 31A Kory Meyer 4. 3G Bryce Garnhart 5. 77J Steve Johnson 6. 6 Jed Freiburger 7. 19B Austin Blume 8. 7M Matt Short 9. 11 Ray Cox, Jr. 10. 2G Matt Gansen 11. 21M Tyler Madigan 12. 88 Jaden Fryer 13. 140 Nathan Hall 14. 9 Derek Wilson 15. 32J Jason Buss 16. 5M Dan Klatt 17. 53 Matt Stein 18. 89 Tom Pestka 19. 70X Joe Bonney 20. 01J Jeremy Campbell 21. 02 Rick Hussmann 22. 8S Josh Starr 23. 77S Stephan Kammerer 24. 22H Jordy Hicks 25. 14D Dustin Morden 26. 73M Matt Irwin
B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 3T Tyler Soppe 2. 5C Gage Neal 3. 33 Jarrett Franzen 4. 72 Jake Ellithorpe 5. 44 Joe Grant 6. 4 Jared Waterman 7. 77C Mitch Current 8. 80 Richard Nelson 9. B33 Cody Calam 10. W30 Tim Wade 11. 71J Justin Schroeder 12. 32 Terry Fortman
Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 70 Joe Bonney 2. 14 Mike McGarry 3. 3T Terry Dulin 4. 31 Donnie Louck 5. 20V Dustin Vis 6. 5B Tim Bader 7. 83 Jimmy Comins 8. 27Z Chase Zaruba 9. 87J Christian Jordan 10. 2T Timmy Current (Disqualified – 77 Tim Schneider).
IMCA Hobby Stocks
Feature (12 laps) – 1. 09 Daniel Wauters 2. 58B Randy Byerly 3. 11S Shane Oberbreckling 4. 60 Dakota Simonsen 5. 28 Bobby Taggart 6. M1 Lane Vohringer 7. 3B Brandon White 8. 72X Gene Potter 9. 01 Kile Vohringer 10. 59 Roger Winkler
Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&D Liquors 4 Cylinders
Feature (12 laps) – 1. 7X Rob Harding 2. 3M Brett Marshall 3. 3E Dillon Embree 4. 11H Justin Hempstead 5. 125T Tim Sibley 6. 117 Todd Hines 7. 01X Aaron Vegter 8. 45 Rick Hempstead 9. T78 Tyler Shady 10. 12 Mitch Bielenberg 11. 18B Brandon Buech