7/26/2018 Race Results and Recap


Ryan ‘finally’ scores Maquoketa fair win
Kay, Neal, Current, Vohringer, Bielenburg also take checkers

(Story follows below)

Following are results from Jackson County Fair Stock Car Championship racing Thursday evening at Maquoketa Speedway.
Andover Meat IMCA Late Models
Feature (25 laps) – 1. 07 Matt Ryan 2. Z50 Joe Zrostlik 3. 58 Jeremiah Hurst 4. 7 Andy Nezworski 5. 15K Justin Kay 6. 23 Todd Van Tassel 7. P7 Eric Pollard 8. 48Z Jon Poll 9. W56 Gary Webb 10. R19 Joe Ross 11. 70 Shawn Mulvany 12. 44W David Webster 13. 8M Marty Scheckel 14. 5W Scotty Welsh 15. 10 Keith Feller 16. 28C Terry Neal 17. 6D Doug Nigh 18. 12 Don Pataska
1st Heat (10 laps) – 1. Kay 2. Ryan 3. Neal 4. Nigh
2nd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Hurst 2. Zrostlik 3. Webb 4. Poll
3rd Heat (10 laps) – 1. Nezworski 2. Webster 3. VonTassel 4. Feller
QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds
Feature (20 laps) – 1. 15K Justin Kay 2. 3G Bryce Garnhart 3. 25 Jake Bowman 4. 21M Tyler Madigan 5. 11 Ray Cox, Jr. 6. 19B Austin Blume 7. 56D Travis Denning 8. 61 Bruce Hanford 9. 77J Steve Johnson 10. 140 Nathan Hall 11. 333 Rick Wages 12. 21K Dan Klatt 13. 70X Joe Bonney 14. 89 Tom Pestka 15. 8S Josh Starr 16. 1H Mike Hirst 17. 9 Derek Wilson 18. 73M Matt Irwin 19. 22H Jordan Hicks 20. 5D Rob Dominacki (Did Not Start – 7M Matt Short)
1st Heat (8 laps) – 1. Madigan 2. Kay 3. Bowman 4. Hanford
2nd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Hicks 2. Short 3. Johnson 4. Wages
3rd Heat (8 laps) – 1. Cox 2. Garnhart 3. Hall 4. Klatt
B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 12N Gage Neal 2. 72 Jake Ellithorpe 3. 75C Bruce Current 4. 17 Andrew Chelf 5. 3T Tyler Soppe 6. 10A Jacob Arp 7. 6M Jake Murphy 8. 35 Justin Becker 9. 1JR Ben Chapman 10. 77C Mitch Current 11. B4 Brandt Cole 12. N07 Nick Groth 13. 07 Terry Knutti 14. 71J Justin Schroeder 15. W30 Tim Wade 16. 37JR Marshall Nicolay 17. 27X Barrett Crock 18. 36N Joe Nemitz 19. 32 T.J. Fortmann 20. 9 David Adam (Did Not Start – 88X Duane Roth)
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Neal 2. Becker 3. Cole 4. Adam
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Chelf 2. Current 3. Chapman 4. Arp
3rd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Soppe 2. Ellithorpe 3. Murphy 4. Fortmann
Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars
Feature (15 laps) – 1. 2T Timmy Current 2. 15 Norm Chestmore 3. 77 Tim Schneider 4. 20V Dustin Vis 5. 32 Tom Cannon 6. 15J Tim Arp 7. 27Z Chase Zaruba 8. 28 Greg Gill
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Current 2. Gill 3. Vis 4. Arp
IMCA Hobby Stocks
Feature (12 laps) – 1. 01 Kile Vohringer 2. 14C Leah Wroten 3. 09 Daniel Wauters 4. 11S Shane Oberbreckling 5. 60 Dakota Simonsen 6. 3B Brandon White 7. 59 Roger Winkers 8. M1 Lane Vohringer 9. 72X Gene Potter 10. 9 Scott Michaelis 11. 92 Brandon Schneider
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Michaelis 2. L. Vohringer 3. Simonsen 4. K. Vohringer
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Wroten 2. Wauters 3. Oberbreckling 4. White
Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&C Liquors 4 Cylinders
Feature (12 laps) – 1. 12X Mitch Bielenberg 2. Z50 Joe Zrostlik 3. 3M Brett Marshall 4. T78 Tyler Shady 5. 21 Andy Wagener 6. F58 Dustin Forbes 7. 33 Cody Brewster 8. 3E Dillon Embree 9. 15 John Campbell 10. 7 Rob Harding, Sr. 11. 11H Justin Hempstead 12. 45 Rick Hempstead 13. 7X Rob Harding, Jr. 14. 8L Lucas Short 15. 125T Tim Sibley
1st Heat (6 laps) – 1. Wagener 2. Short 3. Campbell 4. Brewster
2nd Heat (6 laps) – 1. Bielenberg 2. Marshall 3. Zrostlik 4. Forbes

MAQUOKETA, Iowa (July 26) – “Yeah!”
That shout rang out and probably could be heard over the carnival rides behind the grandstand and the cheers of the appreciative crowd occupying the grandstand and bleacher seats.
Matt Ryan exclaimed as he pulled off the racing gloves and other driver safety equipment. Then he climbed from his Andover Meat IMCA Late Model following the 25-lap win during the Jackson County Fair at Maquoketa Speedway.
A win during fair week is special.
“I tried a long time,” the Davenport ace and 2017 track champion said in victory lane. “Last year I led this whole race and then Justin Kay passed me on the last lap. I didn’t forget.”
Ryan sped from his starting spot, passed a handful of competitors and chased down early leader Joe Zrostlik.
“I watched that Modified race and those guys were going around there (high groove) pretty good,” Ryan said. “But I thought sooner or later that’s going to burn off and I needed to get by Joe and then get down. I got by him just in the nick of time.”
Jeremiah Hurst, Andy Nezworski and Kay rounded out the top five. The latter raced from the 12th starting position.
That was a few moments after climbing from his QCJeeps.com IMCA Modified and a victory lane celebration.
Kay used the top of the well-prepared, quarter-mile dirt oval to slip by polesitter Tyler Madigan about halfway through the 20-lap finale. Then the Wheatland hotshoe held off a late charge from Bryce Garnhart for the win. Garnhart won the night before at the Dubuque fair.
Jake Bowman, Madigan and Ray Cox, Jr. were next.
Gage Neal took the lead early and won the B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMod 15-lap main, his first Maquoketa win of 2018.
Jake Ellithorpe, Bruce Current, Andrew Chelf and Tyler Soppe followed.
Timmy Current took his third straight Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Car 15 lapper on his home track after early leader Greg Gill spun on turn three.
He beat Norm Chestmore, Tim Schneider, Dustin Vis and Tom Cannon to Doug Haack’s checkered flag.
Another hometowner came out of nowhere to capture the IMCA Hobby Stock 12-lap fair championship.
Kile Vohringer actually pitted during a caution to pull metal away from tires, restarted at the tail and sped to the front kicking up the dirt cushion on the high groove.
He ran away from Leah Wroten, Daniel Wauters, Shane Oberbreckling and Dakota Simonsen.
Mitch Bielenberg held off challenges from Joe Zrostlik and Brett Marshall to take the 12-lap Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&C Liquors 4 Cylinders trip to the winner’s circle.
Tyler Shady and Andy Wagener were next.
The American Iron Racing Series also competed with two cars as did the Junkies with a nice field.
At least 13 of the top five finishers in all classes placed there on their home track during the fair. No track points were kept, but IMCA state and national points counted.
Another great total of 100 race teams jammed the pits and the final checkered flag fell just after 9:30 p.m. on a perfect weather night for racing.
The speedplant takes a couple weeks off with action returning Saturday Aug. 11.
Racing takes place in all regular classes – Andover Meat IMCA Late Models, QCJeeps.com IMCA Modifieds, B&D Pit Stop IMCA SportMods, Ueland Auto IMCA Stock Cars, IMCA Hobby Stocks and Obie’s Bar and Restaurant/B&D Liquors 4 Cylinders.
Gates open Aug. 11 at 4:30 p.m. Hot laps are 6:15 with racing to follow.
For more information, log on to maqspeedway.com, the track Facebook page or call 563-940-7841.